Collecting Membership Fees for Motorcycle Clubs

If you love riding your motorcycle, you might want to think about joining a local bike club specific for people like you. The best thing about joining these types of clubs is that they keep you updated on different biking events and what types of things are going on for you in that particular area. You might even be able to meet other people who share similar interests so that you can feel as though you are part of a solid group.

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The Biker Lifestyle: Is It Right for You?

The biker lifestyle is one worth considering; however, not everyone is suited for the task. Bikers get a unique view on life as they travel down the open roads with no visual constraints. There are a few things to think about before deciding if the biker lifestyle is for you. There truly is nothing like the wind in your hair and bugs on your teeth. Do not be surprised that both are a part of the charm that attracts so many bikers to that way of life.

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The Best Motorcycle for Do-It-Yourself Maintenance

Making the decision to purchase a motorcycle is a pretty large and important one. However, once you have make the decision that you are going to buy one, there are more choices that will need to subsequently be made and that can be just as important. For starters, you will need to decide which motorcycle you wish to purchase.

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How to Start a Motorcycle Club: Attracting Your Friends and Family

A love for riding your motorcycle will last a lifetime; however, it can sometimes be hard to get your friends and family members to fall in love with your lifestyle. While riding solo is always a fun opportunity for some adventure, every motorcyclist loves to ride with their friends in a motorcycle club. If you want to attract your friends and family members to join your motorcycle club so that you can introduce them to the many benefits of riding, then here Read the rest of this entry »

Harley Davidson and Honda Big Bikes: Which are More Reliable?

One of the most well-known motorcycle rivalries that lives on today is between Harley Davidson and Honda. Both make large cruiser bikes and have maintained excellent sales numbers in the United States. The general consensus of individuals that have owned both types of motorcycles is that Honda bikes are more reliable than Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Advanced Technology

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The Rise of Ducati Power Motorcycles in the Last Decade

Ducati motorcycles have dominated the high performance market, in part, Click Here, because of an unusual valve system. In a normal motorcycle engine, a lobe on a cam pushes the valve open and a separate spring pushes it closed. At high engine speeds, the valve will tend to float at a half open/half closed position, affecting performance. Ducati motorcycles use the “Desmodromic Valve System” to conquer this problem. Instead of a spring closing the valve, Ducati’s have a separate cam which pushes the valve closed. Ducati’s have dominated the motorcycle world for the past decade in part because of this special valve/cam setup.